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Is Industrial 4G Router same as 4G DTU

Many people confused with industrial 4G Routers and 4G DTU , now in this article you can see the differences.

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Industrial routers, like DTUs, both have wireless network data transmission functions, and the differences between the two are mainly distinguished from three aspects: the appearance & interface, operation method, and the application environment.

1. The Appearance & Interface

The appearance interface of the 3G / 4G industrial router usually has a network port, which is to provide wireless networking functions for the network port equipment, which requires the network port equipment to actively access the center to complete the data transmission. Generally, routers provide multiple network interface methods such as WAN port, LAN, or freely switchable WAN / LAN port. You can customize the interface matching method according to the connection method in the project.

Industrial 4G Routers

The appearance interface of the DTU generally only provides a serial interface networking mode. It is mainly used for two-way transparent transmission between serial data and IP data.

What we gonna do if some projects need to use both network port and serial port ?

With the rapid development of science and technology, router and DTU functions have been integrated. For example, zgs-d2100 has a LAN port and RS232 / 485 serial port.

Industrial 4G DTU

2. Operation Method

The industrial router can convert the Ethernet and fieldbus communication protocols. It only needs to set the specified IP address as the gateway in the terminal device. If the specified IP address (or specified IP address) is not set, the communication function cannot be realized.

The main purpose of DTU is to implement dialing, not a gateway in the true sense. For example, after the 4G DTU completes the dialing process on the access terminal device, the DTU can be used as a new network device, and the terminal device address can use this DTU to bind the address.

3. Application environment

Industrial routers usually have VPN / APN functions, have private network encryption, and have higher security requirements, such as test video monitoring, street light monitoring, oil field oil well monitoring, financial industry self-service terminals, and unmanned computer room monitoring.

In addition, the industrial 4G router with wifi function is suitable for outdoor WIFI wireless signal coverage projects and similar bus wifi and mall wifi shared projects.

4G DTU is applied to field terminals with relatively scattered transmission distances, and the data communication rate is high, so DTU real-time performance can meet most industrial fields, and is usually used as a data acquisition and monitoring system. Such as remote monitoring system for charging piles, environmental monitoring system, real-time monitoring of energy consumption, dam water conservancy project monitoring applications, etc.


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